Occasional Invaders

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Occasional Invader Classifications And Other Information

What Insects Are Classified As Occasional Invaders?

The occasional invader is a pest that diligently invades the living and working spaces of humans and animals. These insects spend a big portion of their time trying to invade inhabited living spaces, such as houses, apartments, flats, condos, and multi-story housing complexes. What you may not know about these insects is some of them will also invade commercial settings, such as hotels, motels, country inns, cabins, and lodges. Occasional invaders are not known to spread diseases or parasites to humans or animals.

Insect Species Described As ‘Occasional Invaders’

Why Is My Home Infested With Occasional Invader Insects?

Occasional invaders are also known as “opportunist insects” because they take advantage of all given opportunities to invade a building structure. If your home just happens to have an open invitation to these insects, it will become the next target. Now, this is not to say, you are open to the idea, it is just saying you are doing little nothing to prevent it from happening.

Occasional Invader Insects – Are They Harmful?

There is no evidence to support the theory that occasional invaders pose health risks to humans, animals, or the environment. However, they do pose a threat to plants, building structures, and other organic materials. The only pro of having an occasional invader infestation is they do not reproduce after the invasion, which is unlike the bed bug, ants, roaches, and other common household pests.

Occasional Invader Pest Infestation Prevention Methods

Like all pest infestations, occasional invader infestations can be prevented with the proper tools, strategy, and knowledge. However, you must take a different approach to this pest prevention because they tend to shelter inside small openings out of sight. It is possible to combat an occasional invader infestation through consistency, patience, and the full support of family. Routine vacuuming is the best place to start. We also recommend taking advantage of our free in-home inspection. This is a visual inspection of potentially infested areas of a building structure.

When Will The Exterminator Arrive At My Home?

Generally, we can dispatch an exterminator out to your home within 24 to 48 hours of the initial pest control request.

Is Occasional Invader Pest Control Treatment Harmful?

Our occasional invader pesticides have been deemed “safe” by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). All EPA-approved pesticides and insecticides do not pose health risks to humans or animals when administered per the manufacturers’ instructions.

Is It Possible To Prevent Occasional Invader Pest Infestations?

Yes, with the right strategy it is possible to prevent future occasional invader infestations. We recommend starting with a perimeter barrier around your home. Other tips include the following:

  • Remove all trash outdoors to a secure waste bin
  • Keep food stored in plastic containers with lids
  • Seal access points around doors and windows
  • Inspect and repair all plumbing leaks, humidity problems, and problematic areas in your home
  • Correct ventilation problems in basements, attics, crawlspaces, bathrooms, and underneath the bathroom and kitchen sinks

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