Conventional Treatment

Removing Bedbugs From Confined Areas

Attempting to remove bedbugs from confined areas will prove to be immensely difficult. However, you can likely rectify this problem by utilizing high-quality pesticides. Researchers with Purdue University recently concluded that bedbugs can be successfully eradicated by using pesticides, but it will require two visits with time in between. Considerable time is needed between the two visits to ensure satisfactory results.

We follow protocols to ensure that our services will take care of the problem you’re dealing with.

  • During the first two visits, we’ll inspect your home and treat it for bedbugs
  • On the final visit, we will check for bedbugs and treat your home if necessary
  • We try to space out our conventional bedbug treatments by 2 to 3 weeks. This gives the bedbug eggs plenty of time to hatch.

We’re worried about protecting our clients and helping them get satisfactory results. If you want to use chemical products to eliminate your bedbugs, you can count on us. We will only use products that have been proven and approved for the elimination of bedbugs. Put your mind at ease and choose us while knowing that we’re going to do everything possible to solve the problems you’re facing.

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