Cryonite Treatment

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Cryonite treatment is a revolutionary, non-toxic way to kill crawling insects at each stage of the life cycle. Since being released, Cryonite has been used throughout Australia, Europe, and the United States. Cryonite is a unique system that releases CO2 in the form of snow. The Cryonite is applied to the infected site, and it quickly eliminates crawling insects, including flour beetles, cockroaches, and bedbugs.

How Does Cryonite Work?

Cryonite eliminates bedbugs by freezing them. This process is rapid and ensures that the snow reaches an extremely low temperature. This combination is essential for eliminating bedbugs. This technique uses carbon dioxide snow and a patented nozzle to kill bedbugs.

Dry Ice – This technique uses “dry ice” or frozen carbon dioxide to kill bedbugs. It sublimates and converts directly from ice to gas. There is no liquid phase Dry ice works exceptionally well for eliminating bugs around electrical sockets, cabinets, motors, pipes, and more. We can treat food processing facilities with dry ice because it will not transform flour into a gooey mess.

Rapid – The cryonite process is rapid ensuring it can kill bedbugs. The speed and particle size guarantee rapid results. Thanks to this combination, Cryonite kills bedbugs, bedbug eggs, and bedbug larvae.

Ergonomic – The Cryonite treatment unit features an ergonomic design and a goose-neck nozzle for quicker, easier application. The exterminator can spray the chemical at a 90-degree angle for optimal results.

Penetration – Cryonite snow is designed for excellent penetration. With this technique, the exterminator for reach bedbugs hiding in cracks, crevices, and outlets.

Eco-Friendly Solution

Cryonite is non-poisonous and offers numerous benefits.

  • It can be used anywhere and at anytime.
  • Cryonite is okay for areas where food is prepared.
  • There is no need to stop the production line.
  • There is no residue left behind.

Why Pick Cryonite?

Ultimately, Cryonite is more beneficial than many of the alternatives. Some of the reasons you’ll want to pick this treatment can be found below.

  • It works exceptionally well for eliminating crawling insects.
  • No pesticides are needed.
  • The production can continue.
  • Production downtimes are greatly reduced.
  • Can be used near food products.
  • It is safe and easy.
  • Cryonite reduces the costs.
  • Safer for the environment.

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