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I Found A Few Bed Bugs – Does That Mean I’m Dealing With An Infestation?

When you’ve found a bedbug or two in your home, you’re likely worried that the problem is much bigger. You’re concerned that you’re dealing with a bigger problem. Ultimately, spotting one or two bedbugs could be a sign of a minute problem or a full-blown infestation. You never know how bad the problem is until you delve deeper and find out what is going on.

There is a chance that you’ve found one or two bedbugs in your bedroom. You may believe it is nothing, and it’ll go away. You need to contact a professional exterminator. You might be dealing with a severe infestation. By working with a reliable pest control company, you will receive access to high-quality inspection services and comprehensive treatment plans.

Risks Associated With Bedbugs

When dealing with bedbugs, you can never be too cautious. A few bedbugs might’ve hitched a ride on your clothing or luggage after a night at a motel. Or, they might’ve entered your home by clinging to a piece of used furniture. You never know how bedbugs are going to enter your home. Just remember that bedbugs tend to travel in packs. When they’ve established a colony in your home, they’re going to live alongside many other bedbugs.

In addition to this, you need to be fearful of female bedbugs. A pregnant female bedbug can produce as many as 500 eggs during her life. For these reasons, it is best to hire a professional even when you have only spotted two or three bedbugs. There is a risk that you have pregnant female bedbugs in your home. If so, your minor problem will quickly worsen. An exterminator can help you stop that from happening.

The Difficulty Of Spotting Bedbugs

Bedbugs are great at concealing themselves. Although you can see them with the naked eye, they’re typically as thin as a debit card. Plus, they’re reddish-brown so they’ll blend into the furniture where they’re hiding. They primarily stay hidden during the day, and this makes it more difficult to find them. If you want to spot bedbugs, you’ll need to stay up at night. You’ll likely find a few bedbug bites on your body. However, you may never notice it.

You may experience an allergic reaction to the bite, but you may not experience anything.

Is It A Bedbug?

Bedbugs are similar to many other bugs. When you spot a bug in your bedroom, you may quickly think it is a bedbug. It might be, but there is a chance that you’re dealing with a different bug. You’ll need to find out before attempting to tackle the problem. Bedbugs tend to be 10 millimeters long or smaller. They have six legs and small antennas. It is easy to mistake bedbugs for fleas, carpet beetles, and roach nymphs.

Signs Bedbugs Are In Your Home

Are you worried that your home may have bedbugs? It could. Be sure to look for the following signs to determine whether your home has bedbugs.

  • First and foremost, you’ll want to look for bloodstains. If you squash a bedbug at night, it’ll likely leave a stain on your sheets.
  • Have you found any bedbug exoskeletons? Bedbug exoskeletons look like bedbugs, but they’re almost translucent.
  • Be sure to look for bedbug eggs and egg casings. If you find them, there is a good chance that bedbugs have hatched nearby.
  • Have you found any dark, black spots near your bedroom? Do they look similar to ink spots? Unfortunately, this is a sign that you have bedbugs.
  • You’ll want to check your body for bite marks. If you have any bite marks, it might have something to do with a bedbug problem.
  • You’ll want to perform a smell test. Does your bedroom have a moldy odor? It could be bedbugs.

Searching For Bedbugs

Do you want to be positive that your home has bedbugs? Well, you should begin searching for bedbugs in your home. Remember that they tend to live in bedrooms, but they also live in other furniture. You’ll want to check your bed frame, box spring, mattress, and bed covers. Pull your bed away from the wall and look for bedbugs.

Remove all bed sheets and cover so you can determine whether your home is overrun with bedbugs. It is wise to flip the mattress, so you can check both sides. Furthermore, bedbugs can hide in baseboards, furniture, clothing, rugs, and outlets. You’ll need to look in all of these locations to determine if you have a bedbug infestation.

Rely On The Professionals

Ultimately, there are things you can do to eliminate bedbugs. You can try using DIY sprays and traps. If you’re worried that you have bedbugs on your clothes, you should wash and dry them on the hottest setting. Just remember that this isn’t going to eliminate all bedbugs. You’ll need to hire a professional at some point. Contact a professional exterminator and hire them to carefully inspect your home. If they find bedbugs in your dwelling, they’ll put together a plan to tackle the problem at its source.

Also, don’t be afraid to obtain quotes from multiple companies.


There might be only one bedbug, but this is uncommon. If you find one bedbug, you likely have more. Plus, it could be a pregnant female bedbug. Don’t delay getting professional assistance.

Even if you only find one bedbug, you should get professional assistance. You never know how severe the problem might be. Get professional help so you can deal with it before it worsens.

There is no exact number of bedbugs in an infestation. However, it is important to realize that a single pregnant female can produce 500 eggs. It only takes one female bedbug to create a full-blown infestation in your home. You can’t ignore this problem. If you spot one, two, or ten bedbugs in your home, you need to act by calling a professional.

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