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Our extermination company is conveniently located in the beautiful city of Columbus, where we have been serving businesses for decades now.

Our highly trained exterminators and pest control technicians are deemed “the best” in the industry. We believe our commercial pest control methods, solutions, and products are the answer to Columbus’ major pest problem. We serve the following commercial establishments:

  • Public and private school systems
  • Medical centers and hospitals
  • Private medical practices
  • Restaurants
  • Motels, inns, and hostels
  • Single- and multi-story office buildings
  • Universities
  • Conservatories and auditoriums

We love what we do because it has been proven to help Columbus businesses thrive in some of the worst pest circumstances. Our exterminator/technician teams work together to provide the highest quality pest control to commercial establishments of all sizes.

After the initial pest control treatment, we follow-up with a full visual inspection of the impacted property. We wait at least 30 days to conduct the follow-up inspection. We back our extermination services with a full 100 percent customer guarantee.

Our Columbus Ohio Commercial Pest Control

When pests move in, they can run customers away. This is definitely something Columbus businesses do not want to be left dealing with, which is why they hire us to handle all of their pest problems

In commercial settings, pests are known to take over entire establishments, starting with the kitchen. A discrete approach must be taken when dealing with commercial pest infestations. DIY pest control works but only in minor cases.

Pests utilize small access points to get into your commercial space. They locate these access points with the help of bright lights, which they are drawn to. Once they enter your business, they never plan on leaving.

Our commercial-grade pest control service provides a high level of discreteness, effectiveness, and efficiency. If you do not believe us, just ask our hundreds of dedicated commercial customers.

We have a combined decade of extermination experience under our belts. We utilize this experience to help Columbus tackle some of the worst pest infestations.

Commercial Settings And Pest Infestations

Our customers’ pest problems become ours when they hire us. We strive to treat their pest problem like it is our own, which is why we turn to the best exterminators in the industry.

When consumers visit commercial establishments, like a diner or nutritional shop, they do not want to encounter rodents or insects. This would be a discovery that would not end well for the customer or business owner.

Some pests are notorious for leaving devastation in their paths. Unfortunately, there is no possible way to avoid all of these pests when you are a commercial business owner. However, some business types are targeted more than others. These include supermarkets and restaurants where the pest essentials are plentiful.

Our commercial pest control is the answer to all of your rodent and insect problems.

Just imagine what type of devastation a small pest infestation would do to your Columbus business. The end result would not be positive, leaving you with no other choice but to go public to explain the situation.

Yes, customers expect a lot from the businesses they oversee their public services, such as extermination. There is nothing wrong with having a high commercial expectation. Pest infestations are not part of the equation. In fact, a pest infestation will only lower the customer’s expectations of your service, which is where our commercial pest control comes into play.

With our pest control solutions, you can provide your customers with a pest-free shopping experience. Pest infestations like cockroaches, rats, mice, fleas, termites, and ants, are to be reckoned with in commercial settings.

How Does Columbus Commercial Control Service Work

Commercial pest control works by eradicating insect and rodent infestations time- and cost-efficient. When you hire us to eradicate your commercial pest infestation, we take over the responsibility from top to bottom. We back our service with a 100 percent customer guarantee.

Do not put your business at risk of closure or bankruptcy because of a pest infestation when our pest control is readily available. Contact our local Columbus office to learn more about our commercial pest control solutions.

To help you stay within your budget, we offer free quotes. Just contact us to request your free quote, provide the customer service representative with a bit of information about your pest problem, and receive your quote instantly.

If you have any other pest control issues please check out other services.

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