German Village

German Village is a historic neighborhood just south of downtown Columbus, Ohio. It was settled in the early to mid-nineteenth century by many German immigrants, who comprised as much as a third of the city’s population. In 1960, it was designated as a city historic district. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1974, making it the largest privately funded preservation district. The White House designated it as a Preserve America Community in 2007. Its boundaries were expanded in 1980, and it is now one of the world’s premier historic restorations.


Schiller Park, named after Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller (1759-1805), was once a place for German immigrants to gather. It is now home to recreational facilities, gardens, and an amphitheater where the Actors’ Theatre of Columbus hosts free live performances of Shakespearean plays during the summer. Jaeger Street, City Park, Reinhard, and Deshler Avenues form their boundaries. Since the 1800s, it has been a hub for local festivals and activities.

The Huntington Gardens, sponsored by Huntington National Bank and maintained by volunteers, and the Schiller statue greet visitors at the park’s main entrance on City Park Avenue. Residents presented the figure to the park in 1891. It is the second casting of the statue in Munich, Germany, designed and executed by Max von Widnmann and unveiled on May 9, 1863. The Columbus statue was free of charge transported across the Atlantic. The park also houses Umbrella Girl, which was dedicated to the citizens of German Village in October 1996 to replace the missing original sculpture. Bed Bug Exterminator Columbus


The commercial strip in German Village is centered on S. Third Street and is home to several independently owned restaurants, including Katzinger’s Delicatessen, Schmidt’s Sausage Haus, and Schmidt’s Fudge Haus. George F. Schmidt founded the Schmidt’s establishments in German Village 120 years ago. The family still owns and operates the restaurant featured on Man vs. Food in 2008. Nick Suclescy founded Thurman Café in German Village in 1942, where the “Thurmanator” eating challenge is held. In 2008, the café and its Thurmanator challenge were featured on Man vs. Food. Katzinger’s Delicatessen, which opened in 1984 and is known for its deli sandwiches, is another family-owned restaurant.

Many of the neighborhood’s restaurants won ThisWeek Community Papers awards in 2010, including Skillet, which won “Best New Restaurant,” and Thurman Café, which won “Best Burgers.” Barcelona, known for its Spanish cuisine, won Best Patio and is a Columbus, OH Dispatch best city restaurant regular. Lindey’s was runner-up for the same award that year and has been named one of Columbus’ top ten restaurants for 18 years. It has previously appeared in the New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, and Gourmet magazine. In addition, Max and Erma’s won Best Casual Restaurant and Best Soups in 2010, Pistacia Vera won Best Desserts, and Roosters won Best Wings.

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