Whether you are looking to get away for an entire week or just for the weekend, one of the top destinations that you must consider is Columbus, Ohio. Columbus is the capital of Ohio and it is located almost directly in the center of the state. The city really carries a lot of history. It was founded in 1812 and got its name from the founding father of America, Christopher Columbus. Along with all the history that the city carries there are tons of attractions and good food to take in. Below you will learn more information about the attractions that you can partake in, while visiting Columbus, Ohio.

Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

At the Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, you can walkthrough 88 acres of indoor and outdoor gardens. The seasonal exhibits provide quite a spectacular selection of plants that are just beautiful during the summer. If you are an Orchid love, then you might want to view the gardens during January or March to capture quite a view of the beautiful Orchid blooms.

Ohio Statehouse

The Statehouse building is designed in Greek revival architecture and is completely open to the public. You can wander through the Statehouse taking in amazing sites or you can get an audio tour for free. On the ground floor you will find educational displays, a café, and even a gift shop.

Center Of Science and Industry

The Center of Science and Industry is basically 116,000 square feet of exhibit space. However, the exhibits are not what is interesting here, since the building itself is quite a site to see.

Santa Maria

The Santa Maria is a lifelike replica of Christopher Columbus’s ship. While it might not be the real ship, it sure makes and leaves quite an impression. Guests are free to tour the ship and imagine what it was really was like to spend a day in the life of Christopher Columbus. The ship also houses equipment that would have been used during the 15th century time period.

Columbus Zoo

If you enjoy taking in the wildlife and exotic animals, then you have to check out the Columbus Zoo. Jack Hana actually took over the zoo, when he moved to Columbus to be closer to his son, who was being treated at Ohio State University Hospital for a rare disease. He renovated the zoo and really turned it into the amazing animal environment that it is today.

There are several exhibits, where visitors can get within arm’s length of the animals and take in their beautiful habitat. There are tons of different exotic animals including kangaroos and even koalas.

North Market

The North Market is truly a great place to get a taste of the local cuisine. The market is almost a cross between a shopping mall and a supermarket. If you happen to be in the area during April or November, you should visit the outdoor farmers market.


As you can see there are a variety of different attractions and food that you can enjoy, while visiting the great state of Ohio.


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