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Best Mattress Covers For Stopping Bed Bugs

Your home is without one of the biggest and most important investments you’ll make in your life. Everything else that comes will seem small in comparison. This is exactly why you’ll only want the best for that home or anything that pertains to it, including defending it. Defending it from outside, foreign invaders like bed bugs. No doubt one of the very best ways to do this is by investing in the best mattress cover for bed bugs. The only question is, what are the best mattress covers that offer the most support against bed bugs?

Understanding The Importance Bed Bug Mattress Covers

Would you leave your safe unlocked with guests in the home? Would you go to bed at night with the front door unlocked or even opened? Likely not, but you are virtually doing the same things when you choose to sleep without a bed bug mattress cover. Why expose your family to this unwanted risk? Most people do because they simply don’t know any better. Luckily, you are about to learn. Bed bug mattress covers might sound simplistic and basic, but they are capable of offering the utmost protection from bed bugs. They are protective covers that prevent bed bugs from burrowing and hiding into your mattress. And, given that mattresses are one of the bed bug’s chosen hiding spots, it only makes sense to invest.

Bed bug mattresses can also be utilized to lock and trap intruders in place, preventing them from escaping where they will starve out, wither, and eventually die. What’s even more impressive is, right around ninety percent of bed bugs in an infested home are going to try to make their way to the mattress. While bed bugs hide in a lot of different places and can squeeze into the smallest of spaces, it is the mattress that is their chosen destination. Just think about it, it’s a location that provides them with safe and secure coverage with access to their food source.

Now that you understand just how important mattress covers are and what kind of role they can play, it is now time to learn more about choosing the right mattress cover.

What Exactly Is A Bed Bed Mattress Protector

Mattress toppers, mattress protectors, covers, you’ll hear them called all kinds of different names by a variety of different people. However, when all said and done, these are all virtually similar products, offering the same protection. A bed bug mattress protector should be thought of as nothing more than a large, removable sheet of fabric. One that tightly fits around your mattress securely, fully encasing it in the most secure manner possible. Each protector, regardless of the design or manufacturer, will likely come with a zipper.

This is a crucial component and part of the mattress topper, as it’ll trap in particles as well as bed bugs. Once locked inside these pests will be unable to escape. They will no longer be able to reach their food source. What do you think happens from here? What would happen to you and your family if you were cut off from your food supply? You’d die, right? Well, that’s exactly what happens to bed bugs as well.

According to some of the latest tests and scientific studies, it only takes two weeks to starve out a bed bug. This might sound like quite a while, but two weeks isn’t all that long. Plus, with these protectors in place, you don’t have to worry about getting bitten or crawled on since the protector fully cuts you off from the invading pests.

Choosing The Right Mattress Cover For Bed Bugs

With just a little bit of research, you’ll quickly discover that there are a variety of protectors available on the open market. Not only are the designs different, but these products look different and are offered by different manufacturers. That being said, they all pretty much operate under the same premises. Thus, choosing the best mattress protector for your specific situation comes down to answering a few questions.

Is It A Full Encasement?

Regardless of the type, style, or design of the protector you are buying it must cover the entire mattress. The main purpose of the product is to trap bed bugs inside, prevent them from escaping. You are essentially cutting them off from their food supply and starving them out. You cannot do this if they can escape.

Does It Properly Seal?

Bed bugs are resourceful and much smarter than most people would give them credit for. In addition to this, they are incredibly resilient. This is why the mattress topper or protector that you are choosing must seal properly. As was mentioned earlier, most models come affixed with some kind of zipper unit. A unit that allows you to install and reinstall the protector over mattresses. However, the unit is completely defective if it doesn’t properly trap bugs inside.

Has It Been Tested?

The best bed bug mattress protectors that are sold by the highest reputable companies will be tested and certified. Regardless of a manufacturer’s credentials and standings, defects are always possible. This is why every single model must be tested. The best models will have been tested in a factory setting for defects before being released on the market.

Is It Toxin-Free?

While mattress protectors or toppers are effective at killing out bed bugs, some manufacturers will add additional chemicals to assist will killing out bed bugs. While this might seem like a good idea, you have to keep in mind that these chemicals are dangerous. Especially when one is exposed to them for prolonged periods. That’s exactly what will happen when you spend too much time with your mattress.

Do These Products Work?

There is simply no denying that you’ll get mixed results when researching bed bug encasement. Heck, you can even poll a varied number of experts and you’ll still get mixed results. This is because people have different experiences with these products. After all, they can be faulty if improperly used or installed. Some like a tear or hole might seem simple or unimportant, but it could ruin the entire integrity of the protector. Another thing you have to remember is, if you are dealing with an infestation it is likely that all the bed bugs aren’t congregated in your mattress.

Sure, you might capture the biggest portion of them, but just one or two missed bugs is all it takes to start another infestation. Bed bugs reproduce pretty quickly. This is why most pest management professionals will suggest varied approaches when it comes to effectively eliminating bed bugs. Sure, encasements can help, but they may not be all that is needed. Especially not if the infestation is widespread.

This is just another of the many reasons that it only makes sense to turn to a Columbus, OH pest professional when dealing with pests of this magnetite.

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